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【免費工具APP】Volume+ FREE|線上玩APP不花錢

玩免費工具APP|下載Volume+ FREE app不用錢|硬是要APP

**********A Cyanogen Mod 7 or MIUI ROM is HIGHLY recommended. Running this app on a Stock ROM/Kernel may result in it not working, being far too quiet, or getting even quieter. PLEASE don't comment or rate badly if you are on a Stock ROM as this is most likely the problem.Thanks.**********The full version is available on the Market for 0.99p.Full Version includes:

* +8 in all settings (this goes to +4)

* 9 EQ presets (this has 1)

* Advanced Settings - gives you complete EQ control: you can control each EQ band independently. (NOT INCLUDED IN THIS VERSION)This Application is ONLY for phones running Gingerbread.It will NOT work on any other version of Android but should work on ANY phone running Gingerbread (2.3).ALL SETTINGS CAN BE ALTERED SEPARATELY!


* On/Off toggle

* Volume Boost

玩免費工具APP|下載Volume+ FREE app不用錢|硬是要APP

* EQ pre-sets

* Bass Enhancer

* Stereo Widener (only for Headset/Bluetooth Headset)

* Virtual Room Effect (VRE - Echo)ALL FEATURES AVAILABLE FOR:

* Phone Speaker

* Headset

* Bluetooth Headset<* Please use the Headset Settings/Bluetooth Settings with caution. It could SERIOUSLY damage your hearing! (see terms and conditions within the app or the DISCLAIMER below) *>There may be issues on certain custom ROMs.This application works in a similar way to DSP Manager but with this tool you can push the volume up much higher. It has options to boost the main Speaker Volume and add a Bass Enhancer.**********Please use this tool wisely. It can SERIOUSLY damage your speakers if not used carefully. I cannot stress this enough.Please see the DISCLAIMER below or the terms and conditions within the app.**********DISCLAIMER:By downloading this application you agree to the fact that, as this app exploits the EQ API included in Gingerbread and it is not meant to be achieved under normal circumstances, I am NOT to be held responsible for anything negative that may occur by using this app, such as breakage to your phone or phone's speaker.I will also take no responsibility for any damage that may occur to your hearing with the new features included in v1.5 onwards. This app will now allow you to boost the volume of the headset, bluetooth headset and modify the inbuilt EQ settings. As a result, you can now increase the volume of the headset/bluetooth headset way above the recommended maximum and so, may cause permanent damage to your speaker. There is also a small bug that may occasionally occur, where upon first changing settings the speaker may emit a high pitched whine. This can be fixed by turning the settings off or fixed permanently by rebooting your phone.*********The paid version of this app is available for FREE on my website - www.androidaudiohacks.com*********Download and use at your own risk.

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A Cyanogen Mod 7 or MIUI ROM is HIGHLY recommended. Running this app on a Stock ROM/Kernel may result in it not working, being far too quiet, or getting ...

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