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--------------------------------------Brand-new Reading Experience !Illustrated audio books for kids !--------------------------------------?

STORY OVERVIEW :-------------------------------------Many years ago there was an Emperor so exceedingly fond of new clothes that he spent all his money on being well dressed. He did not care for his soldiers and people, except to show off his new clothes. One day two swindlers came to the palace.They let it be known they were weavers, and they said they could weave the most magnificent fabrics imaginable. They said that the colors and patterns were not only uncommonly fine, but that the clothes made of such cloth were invisible to any man who was stupid or unfit for his post…?

玩免費體育競技APP|下載TheEmperorsNewClothes app不用錢|硬是要APP

BRIEF INTRODUCTION:-------------------------------------AppleTreeBooks? has been inviting some of the best illustrators from across the world to create illustrated stories for us. Exquisite pictures, vivid narration as well as animation and interactive features bring you and your children wonderful stories and a brand new reading experience. We have carefully selected various stories, including well-known classic fairy tales and new original stories, to give you many options to find the ones you love. Additionally, we will continuously update the books on our online bookshelf, so that you can read our illustrated stories at any time. AppleTreeBooks? will enables you to experience a new kind of reading and the fun that comes along with it.? FEATURES:-------------------------------------★

Picture Book Reading:Switch between native English and Chinese bi-lingual narrations. Learning a second language has never been this easy before!

玩免費體育競技APP|下載TheEmperorsNewClothes app不用錢|硬是要APP

★Recording Mode:Record and listen to your own voice of reading the stories. It is hard to put it down!

★ The CoverFlow mode enables you to start at any page in the book.★ The automatic or manual page turning function make viewing of the stories easy.?

玩免費體育競技APP|下載TheEmperorsNewClothes app不用錢|硬是要APP

JOIN US:-------------------------------------If you are a publisher, an illustrator or a writer, welcome to cooperate with AppleTreeBooks?, so that your work will be published and shared by the whole world! If you are a reader, you are welcome to send your precious valued opinions on our books and tell us what you would like to read. We will continue to make every effort to create more stories you’ll like.Email: support@appletreebook.comURL: www.appletreebooks.com

玩免費體育競技APP|下載TheEmperorsNewClothes app不用錢|硬是要APP

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创建顶级篮球队的力量… 就掌握在你的手中。《篮球明星争霸战》让你能掌握这一切。选拔超常的球员,规划你的策略,让你的球队与来自全球各地的真正对手们在卡片热战中放手一搏。在激情中勇往直前争取领先。在关键时刻,置身于3D 球场中一显身手!是传球还是打出三分球?你的选择将决定你是取胜还是失球。有许多方式可赢 …

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世界最強のバスケットボールチームを創造できるか…全てはあなた次第。Rival Stars Basketballで最強のバスケチームをコントロールしよう。最強の選手をドラフトし、戦略を立て、スリリングなカードバトルで世界中のライバルを相手にチームを勝利へと導こう。緊張感高まる中、ヒートアップするような …

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라이벌 스타 바스켓볼

최고의 바스켓볼 팀을 만들 수 있는 능력이... 당신의 손 안에 있습니다.라이벌 스타 바스켓볼은 플레이어에게 능력을 쥐어줍니다. 탁월한 선수 드래프트, 전략 구상, 팀을 전세계의 실제 상대들과 대전시키는 스릴 넘치는 카드 배틀이 기다리고 있습니다. 긴박감이 넘치는 순간 …

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AE 指尖篮球

真实的投篮机体验,激动人心的音乐音效以及游戏特效,安卓市场上最好的投篮游戏中文版来啦!如果您对游戏有任何意见或建议,请邮件联系我们。谢谢!游戏玩法:滑动你的手指,对准球,向上滑动,篮球就会飞出去,你要瞄准球框,控制抛球的方向才能使球投进篮框。游戏中你需要加快速度,尽可能多的投篮获得更高分数,达到目标 …

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バスケットボールゲームは来たよう。恐ろしくて面白い。 生き生きしたサウンドエフェクトとちょう素敵なデザイン。この経典のゲームは、易しくて素晴しいチャレンジの体験をもらえる。 普通な2点や移動的なバスケット、3点などのモデルがある。違いレベルは、違いデザイン。どんな場所とボールでも、自由に選びできる。 …

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情緒和簡單的遊戲,偉大的物理。迷你曲棍球是容易和有趣的玩!與您的朋友玩網絡。玩遊戲的熱捧,從對世界各地的玩家。您可以在同一台設備對一個朋友玩離線或與AI玩。選擇你的曲棍球隊,保衛你的國家的顏色,或者選擇優質的皮膚。收集所有曲棍球隊,收集各單位,並提高自己的技能。祝好運!主要特點:- 在線和離線多人遊 …

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