/ / 【免費健康APP】Relax & Meditation Stream|線上玩APP不花錢

【免費健康APP】Relax & Meditation Stream|線上玩APP不花錢

玩免費健康APP|下載Relax & Meditation Stream app不用錢|硬是要APP

This app is the same as the other Relax & meditation V1.2

But this app is only 4.3MB!! because is using streaming to play music

Much better sound quality

just need to keep wi-fi open

Want to relax ? to fall asleep better? here is the great app

with over 100 relaxation sound of:

1: Birds

2: Crickets

玩免費健康APP|下載Relax & Meditation Stream app不用錢|硬是要APP

3: Forest

4: Fire

5: Rain

6: Thunder

7: Wind

8: Water

9: WaterFall

10: River

玩免費健康APP|下載Relax & Meditation Stream app不用錢|硬是要APP

11: Sea

12: WindChimes

13: Guitar and Piano

+ High Quality

+ Mix And Play together each sound you want

+ Different volume bar for each song

+ Set timer to stop music when you fall asleep and save battery

Want More and deep relaxation? to relief from stress..

玩免費健康APP|下載Relax & Meditation Stream app不用錢|硬是要APP

now you can with over 1:30 hour meditation music

+ Reapeat button

+ Timer for meditation music


+ Add more sounds to existing collection

+ Add more Collections

+ chose which sound you want and set up as notification, ringtone and more...

Special Thanks to Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) about Titles:

玩免費健康APP|下載Relax & Meditation Stream app不用錢|硬是要APP

Ambiment, Bathed in the Light, Healing, Light Awash, Opium, Silver Blue Light, Winter Reflections

玩免費健康APP|下載Relax & Meditation Stream app不用錢|硬是要APP

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