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【免費媒體與影片APP】NVMS7000 HD|線上玩APP不花錢

玩免費媒體與影片APP|下載NVMS7000 HD app不用錢|硬是要APP

NVMS7000 HD mobile client software, which is designed for Android Tablet on the basis of Android OS (Version 3.0 or higher), can be used to remotely monitor the live video from embedded DVR, NVR, network camera, network speed dome and DVS via wireless network, play back record files and realize PTZ control as well.

With this software installed in your Android Tablet, you are able to log on to the front-end device via Wi-Fi or 3G. It’ s

accessible either by ip or by domain name.

玩免費媒體與影片APP|下載NVMS7000 HD app不用錢|硬是要APP


1. Wi-Fi or 3G must be supported by the Tablet.

2. Network traffic charges may be produced during the use of this client software. Please inquiry the local ISP.

玩免費媒體與影片APP|下載NVMS7000 HD app不用錢|硬是要APP

Resolution Support:1024*600, 1280*800

玩免費媒體與影片APP|下載NVMS7000 HD app不用錢|硬是要APP

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