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Merriam-Webster’s Essential Learner’s English Dictionary is an indispensable guide to the words every English language learner needs to know.

Dictionary Details:

• 54,000 words and phrases cover both U.S. and British English and their differences

• 78,000 usage examples show how words are used

• More than 15,000 idioms, verbal collocations, and commonly used phrases

玩免費書籍APP|下載Merriam-Webster’s Essential app不用錢|硬是要APP


Search and Input features:

• Full text search feature allows you to look up words more efficiently throughout the whole dictionary content, including headwords and usage examples.

• Three integrated input methods make dictionary use more convenient than ever. Enter the word in your own handwriting with Paragon’s PenReader handwriting recognition software, search by voice using Google Voice recognition service (Available for OS 2.2 and higher) or take a picture of the text and get definition of words with Google Goggles.

玩免費書籍APP|下載Merriam-Webster’s Essential app不用錢|硬是要APP

• Easy copy-and-paste functions and the Share button feature (Available for OS 4.0 and higher) allow to copy unknown words from an active application, like web browsers or email, and automatically to open the relevant dictionary entry.

• English morphology module helps to find words in any grammatical form.

• List of similar words will result in case of misspelled look-ups.

• Wildcard Search if you are unsure of the exact word spelling. Use “?” and “*” symbols to replace the missing letters.

Learning features:

玩免費書籍APP|下載Merriam-Webster’s Essential app不用錢|硬是要APP

• Full linguistic information – with declension and conjugation tables – is included, making Merriam-Webster a must-have for any language scholar (for English, French and Spanish)!

• Search for anagrams (e. g. bat-tab).

• English audio pronunciations recorded by native speakers.

• Word of the Day—a random dictionary definition daily.

玩免費書籍APP|下載Merriam-Webster’s Essential app不用錢|硬是要APP

Interface features:

• Improved interface design with easy-to-access navigation and search field makes dictionary use simple.

• Lightning-fast new engine allows dictionary entries to open as soon as you click with no delays.

• Favorites - to quickly access frequently searched words.

• Dictionary installation on SD card (Available for OS 2.2 and higher).

玩免費書籍APP|下載Merriam-Webster’s Essential app不用錢|硬是要APP

• Search History feature shows the last 100 words looked up.

• Enlarge or reduce font size for your comfort.

• No Internet connection required.


玩免費書籍APP|下載Merriam-Webster’s Essential app不用錢|硬是要APP

About Merriam-Webster

Merriam-Webster Inc. acquired the rights to revise and publish Noah Webster’s dictionaries in 1843. Since then, Merriam-Webster has maintained an ongoing commitment to innovation, scholarship, and love of language. Each Merriam-Webster dictionary is the product of extensive research and painstaking writing and editing conducted by the largest group of full-time lexicographers in North America. Today, the company continues as the leader in language reference publishing with bestselling reference books and electronic references, popular Web sites and a range of licensed products.

玩免費書籍APP|下載Merriam-Webster’s Essential app不用錢|硬是要APP

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