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Use this Android app to learn rookie and advanced Karate belts. This is actually the best App to learn self-defense Karate techniques!

If you've ever before watched a fighting techinques or karate movies or a event, you'll know that their skills are enough to place anyone in awe. Martial performers are a few of the greatest runners for their power coupled with body control provided by karate gi.

Shotokan karate will offer you the foundations of karate techniques, and build you up to more complex movements and methods. Each karate classes exercise can be modified for increased intensity to suit your goals. The kempo karate program is simply perfect for you if you are from the following:

- Sarching for a good work out to find yourself in shape

- Starting fighting techinques

- Working to better your martial arts

- Hoping to 1 day turn into a karate get better at or dark-colored belt

- You are a karate professional honing your skills

Using Our App, You Will Be able To Earn the next Karate Belts:

- White

- Yellow

- Orange

- Green

- Blue

- Purple

- Red

- Brown

玩免費運動APP|下載Karate app不用錢|硬是要APP

- Black

Kyokushin Karate App Features:

- Instructional instruction using voiceover and video recording

- Animated presentations with in depth descriptions

- Operation to monitor routines and exercises completed

- Multi-Level Newbie to Advanced Workouts

- Warm Ups, Cool Downs

- Tips, Secrets, Summary of the Workout

- Fitness, athletics and recreational occasions in your area!

Okinawan karate's coaches are a few of the most notable athletic professionals on the planet. Our personnel includes MMA and fitness instructors who use professional sports athletes, fitness people and buffs who've never exercised before. We understand training and are here to help you improve.

We receive e-mails everyday from our isshinryu karate users who say thanks to us for supporting them effectively achieve their goals.

With the program you can complete your targets too!

If you wish to learn the style of Karate like onse provided on the karate lessons, this Android app is exactly what you were looking for.

Will help you to learn the activity of Karate. Perfect for newcomers and advanced levels.

You'll find every one of the katas, from white belt, to black color. Passing yellow through, orange, inexperienced, blue, and


You will discover Kata from different universities, Shotokan, Shito-ryu, Wado-ryu.

Techniques for newcomers. Punches and kicks. Sweeps and locks.

You shall learn all you need because of our video lessons. Suitable for all known levels.

The Katate is a style and a sport that may help you to discover a perfect balance between mind and body.

Furthermore, it is a great way to get a lean body.

Do not be reluctant, this is actually the App that you were looking for, descargala ya.

This application consists of:

- Kata of the institution Shotokan.

- Kata of the educational university Shito-ryu.

- Kata of the institution of Wado-ryu.

- Techniques for newbies.

- punches and Kicks.

- Locks.

玩免費運動APP|下載Karate app不用錢|硬是要APP

- Sweeps.

Looking for Karate course. You found what you are interested in. This Karate request shall offer you

Abundant your goal employing this application as an individual mentor. Learn Karate style game. Find our other fighting techinques applications like Krav maga also, Taekwondo, Aikido, Kickboxinf and even more free android applications.

If You Like Our Karate App, Please rate it and share it with your friends, it's completlly FREE!

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