/ / 【免費個人化APP】GO SMS Pro Pink Leopard Theme|線上玩APP不花錢

【免費個人化APP】GO SMS Pro Pink Leopard Theme|線上玩APP不花錢

玩免費個人化APP|下載GO SMS Pro Pink Leopard Theme app不用錢|硬是要APP

Application for SMS. Pink Panther in spots. The more you can tell that the pink panther skin. An interesting combination of sweet and rosy leopard predation. Messages marked with small sweet hearts in the black dot. In tiny tiny leopard spots.

SMS pop up rose color on the edge has tiny hearts. Are reminiscent of small pink butterflies have stopped for a while in search of sweet pink nectar.

Active wrapped a pink glow as the sun occurring in pink or pink aurora north.

At the bottom of the screen a little more heart in the colors of sand leather leopard.

Invoice pleasing to the eye and soft like little leopards playing happily in the glow of the setting sun. Soft and delicate pink spotted smoothness.

Theme spots currently very fashionable. Little girls love pink cute shoes, socks, and baggies. Even better when they have spots on a pink background. Adult women also fond of mottled fashion. Handbags, blouses, leggings and scarves spotted enjoying constant popularity. Pink color, pleasing to the eye, not only willing to wear a blond.

Wallpaper shows original connection beige and pink colors. Colors are very modern and stylish.


This theme requires GO SMS Pro application installed on your phone. You can download it for free from Google Play typing GO SMS Pro in search field.

This theme contains:

-absolutely free and nice

-beautiful contact list, sweet compose message window and amazing popup dialog.

-all letters are maching to background.

-we have created a beautiful set of icons to this theme. They are related to wild nature.

How to run our theme:

1.Download our GO SMS Pro Pink Leopard Theme for free

2.Open GO SMS Pro application and press MENU button.

3.Choose our Pink Leopard theme and click apply.

How to change theme appearance:

玩免費個人化APP|下載GO SMS Pro Pink Leopard Theme app不用錢|硬是要APP

1.Open GO SMS Pro application and press Menu button.

2.Choose Settings.

3.From settings tab select Advenced tab.

4.Press Appearance Settings

5.Set any option of our theme. You can set there:

-Conversation List appearance

-Conversation appearance

-Popup window appearance

-Text Font

-Reset to default settings.

Support - “Themes For Droid”:

If you need help with our theme please contact with us on email: themes.for.droid@gmail.com

Our support works only in the English language. Please contact us in this language because we will solve your problem easier.

Comments and rating:

If you want to help other users find our theme please leave comment and positive rating.

Before posting negative opinion please contact us. We can solve your issue in most cases and you will be happy using our theme without problems.


This application is supported by advertising. Permissions are for ads.

Other themes from “Themes For Droid” :

Full list of our themes is available by clicking our developer name on Google Play.

Check our other  GO Launcher EX, GO SMS Pro and GO Locker free themes. Themes are released regularly so you can find something new every time

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