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Pro, missed all kinds of "situation", but also reward over Long Zeluo La, it is definitely not miss the interesting island, the other version on-line dynamic comic book reader, five days exceeded 80,000 downloads, captured the hearts of countless black fungus and vegan America! You do not install it! ! You want to trouble Which ah? Now look, 200 interest in coins sent to you free of charge to see a variety of dynamic comic.

Interesting island: to break through the static single display form of the traditional electronic books, the first dynamic, interactive, cool readers.

★ dynamic: high-definition picture challenges of visual delight. The flood of comics and pictures with the image of the Smart vividly eyes, Zhang is a wonderful experience, but I do not know the next one will bring about what kind of amazing.

★ Audio: The sound of the scene of the time eventually lead to the heartstrings. Along with the pace of musical notes dancing, soothing place, as if bathed in a quiet ocean, passionate, reminding us of scenes exposure to the brave and the battlefield.

★ interaction: Interesting story not set in stone. Tap of the finger, the story is instantly reversed. If you shout the sound, it will have to respond. Shake out wonderful, and also an accident.

★ Jin cool experience is natural to speak, The spicy Commentary to feel more the HIGH. The island you are trendsetters, fashion players, but has never been a passerby!

Gently to wait quietly, as the island. Readily point to open the moment of surprise and joy with.

玩免費娛樂APP|下載有趣岛 app不用錢|硬是要APP

The next second, all because of you.


Massive works: the full color range of the original genuine comic types, diversity of subject matters, including: youth, white-collar workplace, campus, love, inspirational, funny, humor, sports, travel, food, fantasy, science fiction, fantasy, martial arts, suspense, horror all you are interested in, will be debut in "interesting island.

[Read the activities of interest currency points of interesting island summer smooth stop sending]

★ install "interesting island APP, you can get 200 interest currency. ★ Sign In another sent to five interest currency, continuous log overlay presented five interesting coins, the first day of the next day 10, the third day of 15 ..... ★ If you see favorite comic will share his friend, there will be additional interest currency reward Oh. Idle time of the summer, through the fingertips dancing.

[Interesting island seven characteristics]

玩免費娛樂APP|下載有趣岛 app不用錢|硬是要APP

1 camera angle: breakthrough mobile phone screen size restrictions, image vividly vivid level staggered emerge, such as film lens stirring;

Audio-visual effects: for the people in the picture, King, and material to dynamically generate a variety of sound and light effects to meet the situation, immersive somatosensory;

Situational Interaction: trigger window-type "plot" prompt "character background", "mini-mission" and other interactive annotation content, endless experience of space for reading is no longer monotone;

4 heart player: support auto, manual scroll work, arbitrary adjustment of playback speed, work, work, cars, travel, sleeping in front of their leisure time anywhere, enjoy reading;

5 Points Comments: how the work you to judge, scoring Tucao the upgrade experience as you like, online communication;

Unlimited share: more than social networking platform to share any support Sina, Tencent microblogging, all network, QQ space, watercress and other mainstream platforms, instant sharing of dissemination, happiness can be infected.

Massive works: a wide variety of full-color original genuine adult comics, reading rich themes: youth, white-collar workplace, campus, love, inspirational, funny, humor, everything, food, tourism, sports, horoscopes, all-encompassing science fiction, fantasy, fantasy, martial arts, suspense, terror dizzying; you will get more dynamic comic books, interactive comic reading pleasure, to enrich your leisure time.

玩免費娛樂APP|下載有趣岛 app不用錢|硬是要APP

★ Happy no longer need to wait and interesting island time you come!

玩免費娛樂APP|下載有趣岛 app不用錢|硬是要APP

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