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玩免費休閒APP|下載壮士救我 app不用錢|硬是要APP

- Android Game of the Year Award 2014 nominee from Pocket Gamer

- The Best Mobile Game Award on Winter Night Conference

- "The Game to Die for” from playboard.me

Do you want to be a Hero?

Do you want to save beautiful princesses and fight fearsome dragons?

Do you love puzzles, adventures and RPG?

Are you are tired of boring match-3?

Then I need you! I need a HERO !

The terrible Dragon has struck again! The princess is, as always, imprisoned in the tower and you are the only Hero available to take on this quest. Complete epic quests and acquire amazing treasures in this engaging puzzle RPG! Battle with horrible and hilarious monsters in our clever take on the match-three combat and RPG genres! Unleash powerful magic spells on your enemies - summon floods, firestorms and even the legendary blazing sword to aid you in battles! Watch as the fantasy story unfolds and become renowned throughout the land! Will you help villagers in need? Will you fight bandits or reason with them? Time to find out!

Even more adventures await you! Join the royal tournament to compete with your friends and challenge the world. Advance through the leagues and become the ultimate tournament champion to win awesome prizes worthy of a real Hero!

Still not enough danger? Then fight terrible monsters from beyond the Dark Portal. Each with unique skills, they are ready to dine on even the toughest of heroes! Prove your legendary might and smite them down!

But worry not, as you travel the land in search of the princess, your loyal page and his trusty donkey will help you become the greatest Hero of all! They will stop it nothing to gather and mine the tools the Hero requires. With the help of a friendly, but very greedy merchant you will soon wield the weapons and armor fit for a real Hero.

* Unique match-three-monsters combat system!

玩免費休閒APP|下載壮士救我 app不用錢|硬是要APP

* Relaxing yet rewarding Gathering levels to prepare for the journey ahead!

* Stunning graphics and a breath-taking soundtrack!

* Lots of powerful spells and epic powers to use against your enemies!

* Different monster types, each with special abilities and gameplay style!

* Join the tournament to compete with your friends and heroes around the world!

* Advance the leagues from wooden to diamond to become the ultimate champion!

* The most heroic game EVER!

* Play free for unlimited time!

I need a Hero !

I need YOU !

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玩免費休閒APP|下載壮士救我 app不用錢|硬是要APP


- 年度大奖2014年被提名人的口袋玩家的安卓游戏

- 最佳手机游戏奖的冬夜会议

- “游戏死的”,从playboard.me






可怕的龙再次来袭!公主还是一如既往,囚禁在塔,你都可以承担这个任务的唯一的英雄。完成史诗任务,并获得惊人的宝藏在这个引人入胜的益智RPG!在我们的巧搭在比赛三战与RPG体裁可怕和令人捧腹的怪物战斗!释放出强大的魔法对敌人 - 召唤洪水,大火,甚至传说中的炽烈的剑,以帮助你在战斗!眼睁睁的看着奇幻故事的展开,并成为整个土地享誉!你会帮助村民需要的?你会打土匪或理由与他们?时间找出来!




玩免費休閒APP|下載壮士救我 app不用錢|硬是要APP














玩免費休閒APP|下載壮士救我 app不用錢|硬是要APP



玩免費休閒APP|下載壮士救我 app不用錢|硬是要APP

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