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The world's best flashlight app. Simple to use. Big buttons - No setup. Use your phone as a flashlight. COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR DEVICE!

☀ Instant On

☀ Automatic Shut-Off On Low Battery

☀ Brightness Level

☀ Battery Indicator

☀ User Configurable Auto-Shut Off

玩免費生活APP|下載Flashlight™ app不用錢|硬是要APP

☀ Dual Mode ON/OFF

'Best Light' features two modes. In standard mode, the On switch will toggle between On and Off. In 'release' mode the flashlight will turn On only while your thumb is on the switch. When you release your thumb the light will shut off.

Use 'Best Light' as you would any standard flashlight. The perfect phone utility is handy for lighting up restaurant menus, underneath couches and serial numbers on the back of your other electronics.

We've worked hard to make 'Best Light' compatible with the most devices of any flashlight app on the market. If 'Best Light' is not working for you please email


Thank you for your support and good reviews. Your feedback helps us guide new versions. Please send notes to


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全网首家以发布新品为核心的购物平台。-每天为您精选各种潮人新品;-新首发,最新最炫最潮的商品首发;-针对手机专属的展现,方便您的操作。線上24小時玩新欢 APP免費下載生活APP-在線上免費玩新欢 APP新欢 APP LOGO新欢 APP QRCode 立刻掃描下載APP分佈國家APP系統線上APP …

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使用提示:请两手握住手机于胸前做仰卧起坐,将会自动计数。 提示:因为Android系统的限制,如果需要重启后闹铃能正常提醒,请将app安装在您的手机内存,而不是SD卡。 最给力的仰卧起坐教练来了! 带着手机做运动, 让手机变成你的私人教练! 这是一款设计时尚功能强大的训练软件,让你免费拥有一个私人健 …

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